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Shipwrecks Happen

When Ozzie returned to her grandfather’s huge Art Deco house at Gull Cove, she began collecting people around her. The huge room at the top of the building was turned into studios for local artists and during weekends, the house played host to an endless round of glitzy parties. When the money began to run out, people drifted off, leaving Ozzie alone with her four grace-and-favour tenants; Isaac, a retired local fisherman; Milly, an elderly actress, Toby, an artist who suffered a breakdown when his wife left him and his young son Noah, who spends most of his time running wild with his dog Oscar. Now Ozzie is dead, finally succumbing to the cancer that had been eating away at her. The house has fallen into disrepair and urgently needs renovation work. Ozzie has left the house to her niece, Catherine, who was under the impression that Ozzie died years ago and didn’t know there was a family home to inherit. Catherine leads a lonely existence writing books and avoiding people. The fate of the house and its occupants lie in her hands, and she is about to discover that the house holds more secrets than she could have imagined…

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Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers

The enchanting sequel to Shipwrecks Happen:
Sebastian is in desperate need of help. He is urgently seeking new managers to run his pony trekking farm in the Welsh mountains. It sounds like an ideal job for someone and Sebastian has just the right people in mind…or so he thinks.
For Arnaud, the new position is a dream come true. He is soon enthralled by the wildness of the mountains. For Catherine, the move is a wrench away from her roots, her closest friends and her family home. When Noah joins them, he discovers that dreams have their downside too. And none of them has any idea of the challenges and surprises that lie ahead…

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