Ellie’s Farm – Natural Candles & Cosmetics

It’s all about the bees…and the bees

A few years ago, we started to keep bees. We’d heard how honeybees in the UK are hugely endangered, and as we live in a fairly rural location, we thought we’d do our bit. We quickly learned that beekeeping is not as easy as it seems – in fact, I read about one 90-year-old beekeeper who said he’d only recently felt he’d got to grips with the art of beekeeping. I can understand that now.

Despite a raft of epic failures, we have so far managed to keep several hives of healthy bees going. In fact, a few years ago, our bee population exploded and we ended up with 15 hives of very feisty bees. The bees have repayed us in kind for all of our hard work – we’ve had so much honey from them, we’ve been selling it in our village shop. It’s become so popular, we can only just keep up with the demand.

One year, we ran out of honey altogther, and in an effort to keep our fellow villagers happy, I decided to take a look at what I could make out of our surplas beeswax. I discovered the amazing benefits of both beeswax and honey in cosmetics and I was hooked. Now I have a small business, making soaps, lip balms, lotion bars and beeswax candles. If you’d like to take a look, my online shop is here. Enjoy! xx