Pause for thought…

A few weeks ago, the wheat fields near us were this beautiful shade of greeny blue. Now they’re golden and almost ready to harvest. The seasons come and go so quickly don’t they.

This spring, two of my friends died. One of them had been struggling with motor neurone disease for a couple of years and the other contracted an aggressive form of cancer that took her life in four short months. Both of them were in their early 50s.

Time is running out for all of us. None of us knows how long we will spend in this beautiful world. And it feels as if the clock is ticking on our planet too.

I’ve made a resolution. To make every day count. To be thankful for the beauty and joy in my life, and to use the difficult times for good. If anything, I’m more committed than ever to doing what I can to preserve our planet for the generations after me.

I will follow my dreams with a passion. I’m a writer, and my goal is to finish a novel a year – so far so good with this year’s book. I will make time and space to try new things (basket weaving, making butter, visiting the west coast of Ireland and Lindisfarne are all on my list). Above all, I have vowed to spend time with those around my – my good friends, my family and my lonely elderly neighbours who are sometimes hard work, but who knows, I may be in their position one day. How about you? What are your dreams and goals?

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