Save money – and the planet!

Often when people think of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, they assume it will cost them more money to do so. That’s true for some things – but actually there are a huge number of changes you can make to your lifestyle which help your purse – and the planet.

I reckon that by saving money with some initiatives, I can afford to then spend a little more on products like recycled toilet paper or eco-friendly washing up liquid that may cost a little more. Here are a few environmentally friendly habits that can save money. There are plenty more!

Bake / Make your own. We now make our own sourdough bread from scratch (we reckon it costs about 40p a loaf). We also make yoghurt, cream cheese, biscuits, cakes, vegetable and chicken stock, ice cream, jam, honey (from our bees!), pizza dough. Not only is it often cheaper to make your own food, it also costs the planet less in terms of packaging.

Using less. It’s so simple! There are so many things we can easily cut down on. Did you know that actually most washing machines do better on less powder or washing liquid? I cut down my washing liquid by a third, and my clothes are as clean as ever. I have really greasy hair, but a lot of people find they can go for longer without having to shampoo their hair if they try. Do you really need to use as much toilet paper every time you go to the loo? A biggie for a lot of us is the quantity of food we eat. Actually the majority of us really don’t need the portion sizes we currently eat. You can also eat more low cost staples like lentils or oats – which are more environmentally friendly than meat as well. These might seem like tiny little steps, but they all add up.

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