Tea for Me…

Teapot from Oby Pottery

Yes I know, it’s far easier to pop a teabag into a cup, pour boiling water over it, swish it around for a minute and hey presto you have a cup of tea. But as you all know, many teabags contain plastic – an environmental no-no.

The great news is that leaf tea is much better quality than the dusty powder you find in many tea bags. So not only does it make a better brew, it can work out cheaper too.

It really doesn’t take much more time to make a pot of tea – if you don’t have a teapot, check your local charity shops. I’m willing to bet you’ll find one pretty quickly. Otherwise, why not buy one from an artisan crafter? I asked for two teapots for birthday gifts – a giant one for tea parties from Mudness Ceramics, and this lovely stoneware pot (above) for just me from Oby Pottery. They are stunning and every time I pour myself a cup of tea, I get so much pleasure.

Why not ditch the bag? Go on, you know you’re worth it…

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