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Non plastic washing up scrubbies

So, going plastic free is a great thing. We’ve all seen the horrific images of beaches covered in plastic, and floating ‘islands’ of plastic that cover hundreds of miles of ocean. Here’s one way to do it. Ditch plastic washing up pads.

There are plenty of alternatives, so there’s something for everyone. I’m quite a picky washer upper – I like a dishcloth (cotton, so not a problem), but I also like a plastic sponge scourer. In fact, I love sponge scourers…sad as it may be. Here are a few environmentally alternatives I’ve tried. So long plastic sponges…

Loofah: I love my loofah! I tried to find a whole loofah, but everywhere I looked was out of stock. The word on the street is that you can buy them in Wilko, Boots, Savers and other high street stores. I managed to find a dedicated washing up loofah online and I love it. It has a really nice feel to it and does the job perfectly. Freshen it up in boiling water if it gets a bit yukky. The best news of all – it can be placed on your compost heap, where it will happily rot down and give you lovely wormy compost.

Coconut husk scrubbie: Great for pans and jobs that require a bit more welly. Loved it and again, the scrubbie bit is compostable.

Washing up sponge: If you really can’t shake the habit, don’t worry. EcoForce make a recycled washing up sponge. It’s a bit tougher than my old washing up sponges, but in the grand scheme of things it’s pretty good.

Unsponges: This is a general term for handmade washing up pads – look out for the ones with an eco friendly filling, made from organic cotton. I’ve not tried to make one myself yet – there are plenty of sources online. Shop small if you can and help an independant crafter. Otherwise, if you’re good at sewing, tutorials aplenty online.

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